The Directto Cookie Policy suits to inform our users that the platform uses cookies and other data collection tools to personalize the use of the website. The data is protected and the legal provisions are applied to the protection, lawful handling and data are not disclosed, allowing their security.

Some cookies are necessary for our services and do not require the user’s prior consent.

Cookies that require consent are obtained by accepting the cookie banner on the Platform and it is possible at any time to change or withdraw consent through the cookie banner on our website.

  • What are cookies?

Cookies are data files stored in each user’s browser when they enter a website. These data files allow the website to recover important information about visits, help to improve the experience of each user and also make it easier for visitors to register, request and process products made through the platform.The main purpose of cookies is to simplify navigation and allow the user to make better use of the website. In this way, the user is recognized whenever he accesses the site, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter credentials, streamlining the navigation process, making it faster, more efficient and with better quality.These data allow the website to function properly, do not compromise the device used by the user and, if activated in the configuration of your browser, help to identify and resolve possible errors in the operation.The vast majority of browsers allow the use of cookies. However, each user has the ability to control and refuse cookies by modifying the settings, despite the possible loss of some of the Platform’s features. If the user uses multiple browsers, he must modify the settings in all of them.

  • Types of cookies we use
  • Necessary Cookies: responsible for making the website usable, thus allowing the smooth functioning of basic functions such as navigation on the page and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.
  • Preference Cookies: allow the website to record information that changes the way the website behaves or appears according to each user. Examples of preference cookies are different languages, user location detection.
  • Statistics Cookies: help website owners understand how visitors interact with the website, collecting and interpreting information in an anonymous way.
  • Marketing Cookies in the form of a Plug-in on social networks: they receive information from users who have accessed Direccto Facebook page. If the user presses the “like” button or makes a recommendation on social networks, the corresponding information is transmitted by the browser directly to the operator of the social network. If the user is not a member of a social network, there is also the possibility for the social network operator to save the user’s IP, capturing information about the browser and the operating system used by the user.
  • Retention period

Most of the cookies used on our site are session which means they are automatically deleted when the user leaves the site. On the other hand, we use persistent cookies, remaining on each user’s computer until they reach an expiration date defined by the platform or are manually deleted by the user.