Simplified access to bioeconomy markets

We believe in durable connections and innovation for a sustainable development

The digital marketplace conceived for bioeconomy.

All you need in a single place
Simple and intuitive usage tool
Greater visibility for products in the global market and better business opportunities
Fewer middleman
Customized support by specialists, durable connections
Centralized and transparent management of the entire operation

How it works

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Find the best business opportunities

The platform provides detailed information on the different offers from verified producers and allows the creation of a demand for a specific product not yet offered.

Intelligent negotialtion in a transparent way

The final price is negotiated and defined between buyers and sellers on a 100% digital and safe platform

Centralized and transparent management of the whole operation up to the conclusion

Dirrecto empowers producers and the industry through an integrated solution, which, with the support of specialists, makes the execution of the operation from end to end, intelligent and safe, with humanized support.

Our values

Directto brings a new meaning to the commercialization of bioeconomy products

Connection We connect businesses and impact people


Directto values sustainable socio-economic development based on forest-compatible products.


Directto brings a new experience to the bioeconomy commercialisation journey, integrating the best market players into a single platform.


All information on the commercialization journey is available in one place with easy and intuitive access.


A simple platform, accessible anywhere, anytime and with experts to support your entire commercialisation journey.



Sellers and buyers

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